Book 1 cover Andee the Aquanaut_full size

Book One: Guardian of the Great Seas
A B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

Exploring the underwater world of the Lost City. Andee meets the Wise White Dolphin. Andee is given special powers, allowing him to become one of the great and legendary Aquanauts of the Marine Kingdom.

Book 2 cover Andee the Aquanaut

Book Two: All Great Things Start With Small Beginnings

Andee is torn between finding his parents, fulfilling his role as protector of the ocean’s creatures, saving the Lost City or rescuing the beautiful mer princess, Yolanda, from the evil Queen Zadora. Two new companions arrive to aid Andee in his epic quest.

Book 3 cover Andee the Aquanaut

Book Three: Great Things Happen When You Believe In Yourself

Andee is held captive deep in a cave in a marine canyon. Covered in barnacles and tortured by Zadora’s evil goblin sharks as he hangs from the walls, Andee even forgets his own name. Andee’s only hope is a little rockfish that tries to raise his spirits and keep his mind alive.


Book Four: Transcend beyond limits

Zadora’s magic has become more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined. She plans to flood the world’s cities, engulfing them in tsunamis hundreds of feet high. Only the young Aquanauts, Andee and Indee, dare to stop her in what will be the greatest battle of their lives.