Simon J House

About Simon J House

Simon James House was born in London. Despite being dyslexic, he has always been highly creative with a strong and vivid imagination. With a back-ground in never-before-seen product design (including a bike that is also a surfboard and a skate- board), Simon spends most of his time now living in-between London and Sydney, Australia, where his passions are surfing and writing. Indeed his first series, Andee the Aquanaut, was born from a character he created in the ocean!

Simon constantly seeks new and creative ways to express himself; one of these ways being through writing fiction stories. He loves to write at a fast pace with never a dull moment, and it didn’t take him long to discover that writing for kids gave him the thrill he sought.

With his excitement for ‘make believe’ and creating new ideas for characters and superheroes, he feels ‘the sky’s the limit’; there’s so much one can tune into. This excitement motivates him to create inspiring works that are original and innovative, sparking the reader’s imagination, taking them on a journey into his world.

Coming back to his history in never-before-seen product design, Simon is also the creator and president of the FreeForma clothing line and the inventor of the classic surf/skateboard FreeForma bike!

Simon also supports various conservation organtisations, namely marine and Rhino-related, through the sales of his books. With Simon, it seems that anything that’s ‘way out there’ is actually deep within. To read a few interviews with Simon, click here.