BookFour : THE BONDI FINZ Surf Subs

Do you speak Dolphinian, bro? More amped Finz antics return where surf subs are go, go, go when the baby Finz spring into action! Bubble wobble on the baby double! Maaaaate!

And just like Jurassic Park, nature finds a way. Eggs have been laid. But by whom? And Flash thinks Eco shark nets are a Rad Power must.

Bone gets a new, one-eyed tooth crunching buddy while it’s shipmates, me hearties! Captain Rhymes sails all the way to Bali... but on a longboard. What!?

Meanwhile, something extraterrestrial has hijacked Flash’s surf school and it’s definitely NOT shaka, bro! What will happen? I don’t know!  Read all about it if you want to see the show!