Book Two: Rebirth Protocol

Rex has to find a way to the island of Madagascar, site of an ancient asteroid impact and where the precious Grandidierite rock on Earth is located. It’s from this that the Menosaurs get their powers. Tarock can use it to build a rock-ship and return home to his planet, Prehistoria. While Rex is chasing farm animals in his Tyrannosaur droid form, he discovers a spy is in their midst, and after a traumatic day at school, things take a drastic turn for the worse. Robot Cops, laser missiles, invisible mode, and a robotic stowaway called Mani (who serves Alex Jones) are all part of a nail-biting adventure into an unknown hyper-drive force for Rex, Rion, and Tarock.

Reaching Madagascar, they encounter prehistoric beasts, and find the asteroid impact crater that might hold some answers. But Rion is attacked by a flying dinosaur, and Mani tries desperately to make contact with her master, the NASA scientist Alex Jones, who is pursuing them to the asteroid crater site.

Meanwhile, evil lurks in the Menosaur kingdom, where Lord Gorgo plans to hijack Tarock’s rescue from Earth. Unauthorized rebirth protocols are implemented, unloosing an asteroid storm of rock-ships, all containing embryonic shape-shifting and evil Menosaurs, onto Earth. To counteract this evil, Rex will have to use his new-found powers, and also deal with one of the biggest losses in his half droid, half Menosaur life.