Book Three : Planetoid Protocol

After a hijacked Aero-cop car has a spectacular prehistoric crash, a Tyrannosaurs Rex appears from the wreckage.  Tyrann, father of Tarock, has arrived on Earth. But Lord Gorgo, in league with the Mantoids, is sending his dark army of asteroid rock-ships towards Earth.  Rex has to use his internet brain to the outer-stratospheres of extreme mode, to struggle between the forces of good and evil, as he fights in the depths of the asteroid crater, finding that he himself is susceptible to the Mantoids’ demonic powers. Everyone with him has to find a way to support Rex in his struggle; is it his mind, or his heart, that will enable him to withstand the internal influence of the Mantoid?

Rion, who has recovered, makes an astonishing confession about Rex’s parentage, and helps Rex fight against the darkness of the Mantoids, and the evil Menosaur known as Terra. Alex becomes laser armed and dangerous; he discovers there’s more to this Jurassic invasion than meets the Tyrannosaur eye, and tries desperately to stay one step ahead of Lieutenant RainHorn, and his nuke-blasting Marines. During this struggle, he joins up with a colleague called Travis, and with his girlfriend, Paula.

On planet Prehistoria, an unstoppable battle rages between Trona’s Triceratops army, and the dark Menosaur clan of Lord Gorgo’s Gorgosaurus. Laser battle shields defuse a torrent of strikes, while a virus disables asteroid rock-ships primed for rebirth protocol.  Rex faces the biggest challenge of his young life: to either save planet Earth, or to join forces with the Mantoids and destroy it.