Book One: Tyrannosaur Droid Boy

A powerful race watches Earth from the planet Prehistoria. The Menosaurs can shape-shift between human and dinosaur form. Over eons, they’ve mastered their plan to take control of Earth. Why? Our planet is the greatest known source of Grandidierite rock. The Menosaurs use it for fuelling rock-ships and communication devices.

Now the year is 3017. A teenage boy, Rex, has survived a near-fatal plane crash and been rebuilt; he is wired like a computer. Rex’s guardian and best buddy is a furry, yeti-droid named Rion. One day, a blazing rock, like a fiery bomb, crashes across the roof of Rex’s home and explodes in the forest.  Rex and Rion trek into the trees to discover what’s happening.

What they find hiding in a cave blows their minds! A young Menosaur, called Tarock, was crossing deep space. Something went terribly wrong and Tarock’s asteroid-ship encountered a strange gravitational pull.  Sucked far off course, it crashed on Earth. NASA and the US Marines are searching the area for this alien invader. Tarock is in desperate circumstances.

But Rex and Rion are not about to have their new friend annihilated by trigger-happy, nuke-blasting soldiers. Rex begins the adventure of a life-time; pitting his wits and technology against alien invaders, armed forces, and NASA. He and Rion team up with the Menosaurs, and come face to face with their mortal enemy: the black Mantoids. Events of great importance for Earth unfold across the universe as powerful forces are unleashed. Not all Menosaurs can be trusted, and the evil Mantoid also plan to claim Earth and destroy the human race.