Andee book two

Holy crab-claws! The fast-action ‘Andee the Aquanaut serise’ continues in Book Two, ‘All Great Things Start With Small Beginnings’. Andee is torn between finding his parents, fulfilling his role as protector of the ocean's creatures, saving the Lost City and rescuing the King’s beautiful daughter, Yolanda. In Book One, ‘Guardian of the Great Seas’, our superhero's parents went missing in the worst storm his island has ever seen. Andee was then adopted by his dear friends, the dolphins. In his new underwater home he discovered that he is the Chosen One, destined to become the protector of all marine-life. Warp speed with Andee in Book Two as he faces new trials and tribulations; coming face-to-face with mythical, magical creatures of the sea as he enters the deep, dark waters to discover a never before seen race of beings that help him battle the Evil Queen Zadora. The Andee the Aquanaut series appeals to children ages 8 and up, engrossing them in spirited superhero adventures while enlivening vivid imaginations and boosting self-confidence. It teaches kids about the wonderful creatures of the sea including dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, manta rays, electric squid, clownfish and others, making this series highly educational in a delightfully entertaining manner. The twenty-eight colourful and mesmerizing illustrations by professional artist, Zoran Zlaticanin, bring the story to life and encourage kids to become life-long readers. The author supports cetaceans in distress by donating a percentage of profits from sales of the Andee the Aquanaut series to marine-life organizations worldwide.