Andee book three

The fast action Andee the Aquanaut series, for children aged eight through sixteen, continues in Book Three as Andee faces daring and turbulent new adventures with mythical creatures of the sea. But, this time… he is not alone. In Book Two, Andee met Zoran and Moorlark who were sent to help him on his quest to end Evil Zadora’s plans to overthrow the oceans. He also discovered the Dolphinoids, a super- intelligent race of beings who serve to keep the oceans thriving among much adversity. Upon saving thousands of cruise-ship passengers, Andee was captured by the evil Zadora and taken to her watery prison. But, just moments before his capture, without knowing Andee ‘accidently’ blessed a paralyzed young girl, India. Neither of them had any idea of what would happen next Chained and broken, his spirit destroyed by evil Zadora’s horrid Goblin Sharks, Andee hangs lifeless in a watery cave-like prison beneath treacherous stormy skies. The Wise White Dolphin, Moorlark and Zoran plan his rescue. But, to their great surprise, a new hero has been born. Above the surface, Andee’s parents work with Richard the super-scientist, in the Island’s laboratories, in an attempt to discover more about the rapidly disseminating oceans… and the whereabouts of Andee. They have no idea that an Evil Mermaid could be responsible for the sudden degradation of the seas. When the time comes for them to search for Andee, after receiving confirmation that he is indeed alive, Richard reveals one of technology’s most outstanding accomplishments, one that he himself created to help them on their quest. As the evil Queen Zadora carries out her plan to mine the ocean for all the gold and minerals it has, the mammoth quest to rescue and restore Andee to health also begins. Will Andee be saved? Will Zadora and her merman army be stopped? Will the oceans survive? Journey on and find out! The twenty-eight colourful and mesmerizing illustrations by professional artist, Zoran Zlaticanin, bring the story to life and encourage kids to become life-long readers. The author supports cetaceans in distress by donating a percentage of profits from sales of the Andee the Aquanaut series to marine-life organizations worldwide.